Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a hot topic right now. Bitcoin is near its all-time high of $20,000 and many experts predict it will soar much higher in price. Although we can’t advise you on what you should invest in, we will share some options for the best cryptocurrencies to invest in (there are several). […]


Christmas Budget

We will discuss creating a Christmas budget, getting organized, planning ahead, and saving money incrementally to avoid racking up debt on a credit card. Do you over spend each Christmas holiday season? Is your credit card balance going higher and higher? You can save a ton of money by simply creating a spending limit and […]

Money Taxes

Inflation Tax

We will discuss what the inflation tax is and the three different types of inflation. We will also talk about how inflation affects you personally and review some ways you can fight back against inflation by looking at deflationary assets. The Inflation Tax The inflation tax is not an official tax levied by the government. […]