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Act 22 Puerto Rico

In this article we will learn about the Act 20 and Act 22 Puerto Rico tax haven. Also, we will discuss how the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico has become a tax shelter for some Americans. In addition, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of moving and retiring to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico Income […]


Crack Up Boom

In this article we discuss the concept of a Crack Up Boom, inflation and hyperinflation. In addition, we talk about how the crack up boom applies to our current economy and provide some solutions regarding things you can do to fight back against inflation. What is a Crack Up Boom? One of the most famous […]


Fedcoin Will Replace The US Dollar

In this article we will learn about how Fedcoin will replace the us dollar. In addition, a new Federal Reserve digital dollar wallet is to be created. Finally, we will see how the new digital currency is different from Bitcoin and how the wallet may be used as tool for social engineering. “Banks, credit card […]