About PBC

Have you ever wondered how you can be so good at one thing in life, yet so bad at budgeting, finance or investing? Ever feel like you can never get out of debt or get ahead? I started asking the same questions years ago. Yet, when I went looking for answers, I had difficulty finding them.

My major problem was debt. In 2008, I had more than $50,000 in credit card and student loan debt. My fiance’ and I had just purchased a house that we borrowed $140,000 to purchase. I was about to get married, with a baby on the way and sinking further into debt.

Today, I am debt free. I’m not a millionaire, but I have enough money to cover everything I need, and then some. I even invest a portion of my earnings into moderately low-risk investments that earn money. I went from paying interest to the banks and credit cards to earning interest. And I’m here to say that you can do it too!

Piggy Bank Coins gathers information and expertise to help you keep more of your money. We discuss topics such as personal finance, saving, investing, budgeting and the economy.