Purchasing Power Risk

A discussion of purchasing power risk, including defining purchasing power risk and factors that feed it, such as inflation, interest rates and the US Dollar. What is purchasing power? ‚ÄúPurchasing power is the value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goods or services that one unit of money can buy. Purchasing […]


Wealth Builder

How to Become a Wealth Builder by Making a Budget, Getting Out of Debt and Saving In 2019, there were 675,000 new millionaires in the United States, which makes up more than half of new millionaires around the world. Overall, there are 47 million people with a net worth of more than one million dollars. […]


Investment Process

We explain the investment process as a logical, 5-step approach, including factors such as risk assessment, investment time-frame and investing style. Learning about the investment process can be confusing to new investors. In the 20th century, investing was simple: stocks, bonds and real estate. Today, the investment process has become much more complicated with an […]